Frequently asked questions

Do you deliver to private households as well?

Yes we do. On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays only. Please contact us to enquire when we are delivering in your area. Our most popular items for households are the Fruit and Vegie Trays.

Keep in mind, that a delivery charge may apply depending on your location.

Can I order via Phone, Fax or Email?

Yes you can, once an account has been set up with us orders can be placed by the website, phone, fax or email.

What payment facilities are available?

Payments facilities available are: MasterCard, Visa, Bankcard and AMEX.

What is the latest an order can go in to receive it the next day?

Orders should be submitted by 5pm.

Why can I only order from Sunday to Thursday?

We are purchasing direct from the growers and delivering the same day to our clients. The growers' trading days are Monday to Friday.

What happens if I make and order between Friday and Saturday?

Any orders that are received between Friday to Sunday will be delivered the following Monday.

Is there a delivery fee?

Currently delivery is free to central and western metro areas. This may change, however; please email your requirements to

What is the minimum that I can order?

Keeping in mind to get the best prices and for us to have better buying power, it is recommended that your order should be over $30.00. We are happy to accommodate other needs if pre-arranged.


How do I obtain a price on the POA items?

Please email requesting a price on a particular item. Once received we will get back to you as soon as reasonably possible however keep in mind that you need to email us prior to 5pm.


What items require 48 hours notice?

Our Coffee, as it is freshly roasted therefore 48 hours notice is required prior to delivery.

Processed packaged – some of these item require 48 hours notice due to the preparation.


Do you deliver on Public Holidays?

For New Orders: Due to the trading days of the companies/growers that we purchase from we are unable to deliver on Public Holidays therefore any orders placed the day before a Public Holiday will be delivered on the next scheduled delivery day. 

For Recurring Orders: Customers may personally arrange another delivery day by contacting us otherwise orders will be delivered on their next scheduled delivery day.