HighRidge Coffee

is situated in Montmorency, North East of Melbourne.  They are a home based business, using a classic `Has Garanti' roaster.

When you buy coffee, is it fresh?  Well, probably not!  Well unless they are roasting on site.  The coffee may taste ok, but by the time you get it into your coffee pot or espresso machine it has lost a lot of its freshness and flavor.
When green coffee beans are roasted, they contain gas, in the form of carbon dioxide (the gas we all breathe out!).  As the beans loose their gas, they also loose their flavor, for this reason, vacuum sealing is not effective, because the coffee needs to release its gas.  Highridge Coffee supply coffee in bags with an inbuilt `one way valve', to allow the coffee to release gas, but does not allow oxygen into the bag which causes the coffee to go stale.

Because HighRidge Coffee uses a smaller roaster, they are able to roast in small batches, `on demand'.  In this way, your coffee will be fresh from the roaster and you will be experiencing something new...fresh coffee!

You will be surprised at the taste of truly fresh roasted coffee, you will experience flavors you never noticed before, these are the flavors that died while your previous coffee sat on a shelf, or in a plastic display cabinet at your local coffee outlet. The coffee will be richer, with more body, and if you enjoy your coffee espresso, you will notice a lot more crema in the cup.  This is because the fresh coffee's natural oils are still intact.

Coffee Roasted to Your Taste

You know what you like in a coffee.  You may like a dark roasted Espresso blend, a medium roasted, full bodied Colombian, or the spicy, fragrant taste of an Ethiopian coffee. Whatever your taste, HighRidge Coffee can roast to your requirements.

There is a lot of poor quality coffee on the market, a lot of it ends up in well known commercial blends and in instant coffee.  HighRidge Coffee only roasts coffee beans provided by reputable coffee merchants, whose buyers travel the world, testing and buying the best coffee available.  HighRidge Coffee guarantees the quality of their coffee.
HighRidge Coffee roast the best coffee available, being a wide range, including  Brazilian, Costa Rican, Colombian, Cuban, Ethiopian, Timor, Malawi, Peruvian, Indonesian, Indian and coffee from Papua New Guinea.

Rainforest Alliance
High Ridge Coffee supports the Rainforest Alliance philosophy and where possible, they use certified Rainforest Alliance beans in their blends