About us

We would like to personally welcome you to www.produceonline.com.au, and thank you for shopping with us. Our online Fruit and Vegetable shop reflects our ongoing commitment to our customers.

We simply offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and professional service - a hallmark of our business.

We offer you an easy and convenient way to shop for Fresh Fruit and Veg!

Produce Online Melbourne offers you a great range of quality selected fruit and veg for delivery straight to your Home, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Supermarket or what ever your business may be.

We love our fresh fruit and Vegetables

Our family enjoys a healthy lifestyle. We know that you are what you eat, we are meticulous with quality and have a good understanding about the essential nutrients and fiber that you get out of fresh fruit and vegetables.

To keep going back for more, it has to be fresh and it's got to taste great!


To keep our customers happy!

We have over 20 years experience in the hospitality and tourism trade, and thus have a very good understanding about consumer expectations of service and product. We also know that when food is brought to the table, it can make the difference between losing or keeping a customer coming back.

That exceptional meal starts with fresh tasty produce.

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