Important Notice regarding all orders

All deliveries have stopped temporarily

Produce Online’s current service to customers has ceased and a new and exciting era is beginning

To better service our customers Produce Online Melbourne will be working in conjunction with the smaller, local, and family owned businesses of Victoria.

  • These are the shops that need our support.
  • These are the people that purchase product from Australian Farmers.
  • No-one wants to see the demise of the smaller local store – with the continual expansion and takeover of the larger supermarket chains.

We will be selecting the best retail suppliers of Produce throughout Victoria and giving them the exposure and ability to provide Online Shopping.

Customers in more areas will have access to Online Shopping and Home Delivery of produce which would include your Local Fruit & Veg shops and Butchers.

Prospective Customers -  (click here to express your interest)

If you are a local supplier of Produce and would like to be a part of this great opportunity (click here to express your interest)

If you have any questions regarding this please call either Roger or Katrina on 1300 ALL FRESH.

Fruit and Vegetables are our life

Fast and easy delivery of fruit and vegetables fresh from the farmers, directly to your door. Ordering with produce online takes the hassle out of the trips to the market. Simply choose your fruit, vegetables and herbs right here, send off the order and we deliver right to your door.

Our most popular items for households are the Fruit and Vegie Trays.

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How can you benefit from our services

The convenience of ordering online will save you time and money. No longer will you have to make lengthy phone calls or go out yourself to shop for your home or business. Our service is not only quick and painless, it provides you with the freshest fruit and vegetables. From the framers, direct to your door, our produce does not go between cold storage and store shelves as can happen in grocery stores over several days! Your fresh produce will last a lot longer, having been selected for freshness and quality by our own experienced purchasing officers. Learn more...